What’s New at BAO

Spine Navigation Software

Dr. Park has recently began utilizing spinal navigation software for his more complex spinal surgeries. This allows him to accurately place spinal hardware in the most deformed spines with pin-point accuracy. The image-based technology used in spinal surgery utilizes scans of the patient’s anatomy and instruments that are tracked by the Navigation System’s camera. Navigation can help surgeons to guide their instruments for more precise screw placement, assist in advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) procedures, and reduce exposure to radiation.

Features & Benefit

Key advantages include:

  • Enhances precision in the operating room
  • Reduces radiation exposure to patient and staff
  • Increase safety/accuracy through more precise pedicle screw placement
  • Enables minimally invasive approaches
  • Supports highly technical cases (thoracic and cervical screws / revision surgery)

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